The FC Barcelona Holiday 2015

Our latest campaign with FC Barcelona celebrates the second year of our partnership by taking the players on a well-earned holiday.

A tiki-taka journey of snapshot moments that visits some of the 140 destinations we now fly to; from Wild West soccer-style shoot-outs in Dallas to sun, sea and skills in the Maldives – we see the FC Barcelona players soak up the local culture and bring smiles to Blaugrana fans at every stop.

Because when FC Barcelona fly Qatar Airways it’s more than a holiday, it’s a holiday where a team unites the world.

The Big Screen

The FC Barcelona Holiday 2015

Welcome to The Land of FC Barcelona
  • Luis Suárez

    After earning a reputation as one of the world’s most feared sharpshooters, it’s no surprise to see this hot shot hitting the target and celebrating with his famous ‘El Pistolero’ in the Wild West of Dallas. Watch as he and his fellow FC Barcelona young guns mosey on into town and fire off a little steam with the locals, before heading off into the sunset to the sound of cheers and celebrations.

  • Neymar Jr

    From Copacabana to the Camp Nou the Brazilian superstar has wowed the world with his samba skills. Now it’s the turn of the beautiful beaches of the Maldives as Neymar Jr. and Gerard Piqué make sure there’s plenty of fun in the sun for the local Blaugrana fans.

  • Lionel Messi

    The captain of FC Barcelona, Argentina and four time Ballon D’or winner needs no introduction. We all know Lionel Messi is ‘the’ star of international soccer, but in this commercial he reveals himself as an expert in Shaolin soccer.  Joined by his Brazilian teammate Neymar Jr. – it’s out with the free kicks and in with flying kicks as the two superstars gives a master class in tiki- taka skills and martial arts thrills.

  • Gerard Piqué

    Champions League, European Championship and World Cup winner, for this FC Barcelona star all that’s needed for a clean sweep is an Oscar. After narrowly missing out on one for his role in our last commercial ‘The Land of FC Barcelona’, he’s back with his own special brand of Catalonian comedy for two scenes; one of them so funny a group of Parisian mimes are rendered literally speechless.

  • Andrés Iniesta

    A midfield maestro who has won everything there is to win, his front cover moment in the commercial is no joke, ‘El Cerebro’ is the brains of the team, creating chances for others and letting them take the glory. In this commercial it’s no different as he proves to be the perfect foil for Piqué’s comedy routine. Setting him up, sitting back and enjoying the show.

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